Property Rental in Central London Marylebone Area

By on 10-23-2017 in Real Estate News And Tips

Even though Brexit has caused many people to wonder if British real estate is stable, property owners shouldn’t worry. Although predictions said things would sour, the London real estate market is relatively okay. It can’t be argued that things still aren’t back to normal yet. But you probably won’t have problems closing on real estate deals, if you choose a real estate agent that specializes in property rental in central London Marylebone area.

Jeremy Jones and Company has experienced agents that will ensure you don’t lose money on real estate deals. We are knowledgeable about both residential and commercial property rental in Central London Marylebone area. For more than thirty years, we’ve been in the business, and we know how to negotiate, buy and sell different kinds of properties in this area. We are the experienced real estate agents that you need.

Think Positively

We can’t deny that the Central London real estate still has not bounced back, but what does this mean for you? According to Property Wire, during September 2016, rents in Marylebone dropped 9.9 percent. This might not sound like a good thing, but think positively and leverage this statistic. Are your properties empty? If so, utilize rental opportunities to entice potential commercial and residential real estate buyers.

Many times, a new tenant won’t rent property in a high-end community such as central London. However, if the lettings are lowered, you could get more tenants into your empty properties. They might even stay once the real estate market gets better. Since we are familiar with these types of situations, we can help you to entice these types of potential tenants. This means that you’ll start to make money instead of losing it.

Market the Right Population Group

Think about attracting millennial tenants. This is a good idea because many of them never intend to buy their own properties. Focus on this population. Tell them that it’s wise to Property Rental Marylebone area.

Why Consider Jeremy James and Company?

We’ve been in the real estate game since 1981. We’ve seen both good and bad times in this industry and we know how to lookout for our clients even when times are bad. We can help you make money on your properties since we have a reputable marketing plan that will display your properties in a good light. Also, we know how to price properties effectively so that they entice renters quickly. Call us for additional info on how you can let your properties successfully.